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View of Lake Minnewaska in Glenwood Minnesota

"Here is a beautiful view of Lake Minnewaska in the early Spring season (leaves still haven't sprouted) I took with friends from UMM-Morris, Minnesota."

Annual Waterama

(Official Site)

Annual Waterama on Sunday, July 29th of 2007


-Parade @1pm-3pm
*biggest and best parade around west central Minnesota!

Good friend Eric sitting in the shade from the heat as he watches the parade (his first for Waterama!)

Milan Community Band (they come to Morris every year too)

Minnewaska Area Youth for Christ float (sprayed water at onlookers-including me! It was a hot day, so I didn't mind!)

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-Bald Eagle Water Ski Show @3:30-4:45pm
*based in White Bear Lake, this group has been performing for Waterama since I've been attending almost every year since 00'!

It's hard to see the different cool moves (see wikipedia) they did in the pictures above. I highly reccomend checking it out "live". I've seen this show almost every year since 2000. This year, I think they just did only 1 day compared to 2 days in the past. It's probably because they get tired when they do two shows in a row within two days. I remember last year-it was a Sunday and they kept on falling. This year, I think they did a better job!

Entering the Beautiful Scenic View of Lake Minnewaska

I remember my first time going to Morris as a prospective student before attending the University of Minnesota-Morris, I was captivated by the awesome view going into town from the east on Highway 28....

Taken on January 28th of 2007

Here are other views that this camera phone pic can't really describe the beauty entering Glenwood from the north on highway 29...

Taken on July 7th of 2007

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*see Bible

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  • Churches in Glenwood-Google

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  • Hope Community Church, 9:45AM – Central Square in Glenwood (105 2nd Ave. NE).
    Minnewaska Assembly of God

    City Park

  • Barsness Park,

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    GoodnewsMinnesotaInfo's Glenwood Downtown 2013 album on Photobucket


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    *see Glenwood Lakes Area-Calender


  • Winterama, Feb 21st 09' (3rd weekend of Feb each year?)=> flyer

  • {Photo Gallery from 2005}
    Welcome to Winterama! Amy Chaff 2/17/2009 9:52:00 AM
    "The 12th annual Winterama celebration - a much anticipated local winter bash - is set for Saturday, Feb. 21 in Glenwood.
    The annual event raises money for the Minnewaska Jaycees.
    The ever popular Polar Plunge, a huge crowd drawing event, makes its splash Saturday at 2:30 p.m., out on the ice in front of Lakeside Ballroom.
    Kari Nelson is the Waterama Vice-Commodore and she's in charge of organizing and promoting the Polar Plunge: "I encourage everyone to come out and participate in some good, clean Minnesota winter fun! We can't beat the snow and cold, so we may as well join it!
    "The Jaycees work hard and do a great job of putting on their winter festival each year, and the Polar Plunge is one of Waterama's larger fundraisers during the year."
    Lots to do
    Winterama festivities start Saturday at 1 p.m. on the ice in front of the ballroom. Kids games run from 1-2:30 p.m.
    At 2:30 p.m., a crowd is sure to gather for the ever popular, Polar Plunge. People ready to take the icy dip in Lake Minnewaska are asked to be on site and checked-in by 2 p.m.
    And a memorable end to the afternoon is the annual Minnow Eating Contest which begins at 3:15 p.m.
    From 5-7 p.m., come hungry to the annual Chili Cook-off in the ballroom. Fill up on the best local chili recipes!
    After an afternoon outside in the cold, get the blood moving again while dancing to the DJ set up in the ballroom - the DJ will entertain from 5-7 p.m.
    Finally, Winterama 2008 will wrap up with a fireworks display over Lake Minnewaska at approximately 7:15 p.m.
    "The fireworks reflecting on the snow and ice are always spectacular," Nelson said.
    "It is fun to see so many children and adults supporting both of their efforts and having a great time. There is truly something for everyone," Nelson said."


  • Waterama, from "official" site

  • Bald Eagle Water Ski Show


    *Note: Come visit back for video slide-show!... coming soon!

    *click the picture above for more pics
    {Photos by}

    Cities represented by Parade Floats:
    Belgrade, Big Stone Lake Area, Brooten, Clara City, Granite Falls, Henning, Milan, Paynesville,Rose City, Starbuck, Twin Cities: Anoka, Cambridge, Richfield-, Willmar,etc..

    52nd Annual - 2007 Waterama Glenwood, MN

    "Waterama is held the last full weekend in July in beautiful downtown Glenwood, MN there's something for everyone to do and see including the upper midwests only lighted boat parade. "
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  • CP2816 Steam Locomotive Glenwood, MN, from

  • "1930 CP2816 Steam Locomotive"



     photo DSCF8467_zps139c02b0.jpg
    penny's diner Diner in Glenwood Address 120 15th Street SE (Hwy 29 At Hwy 55) Glenwood, mn 56334 ➔
    Trip Advisor



  • Year-Round Lake Home on Lake Minnewaska in Glenwood
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  • " Population (year 2000): 2,594. Estimated population in July 2006: 2,560 (-1.3% change)"
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    Sunday, March 18th 2012
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    *click the picture above for more pics
    {Photos by}

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    June 20th of 2009


    It was Memorial "Day" Weekend, so a friend (Anthony F.) and I went on a "fishing tour". Our "last" stop was Lake Minnewaska-on the shore by Torgy's (restaurant)...



    Hoxderthorne at Friendship Fest 00' in Glenwood Minnesota

    JC's Place Dance Team at Friendship Fest in Glenwood, Minnesota


  • Bobbers Marine
  • Resorts

  • Hunt's Resort

  • Cabins

    "Stayed at Apt #2 as part of my part-time job on an overnight shift (11p-7am) July 11th-12th of 2012. Great place, which I wish I could've worked longer"


  • Minnewaska Area Schools
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  • Glenwood Central Square

  • History
    "The range of the variety of performers has been exciting over the past decade. Symphony orchestras, instrumental soloists and groups, pianists, singer- songwriters portraying many eras of American music, chorales, ethnic dance performances as well as multi-community groups coming together to perform have graced the stage. Some of the big names have included: Bobby Mcferrin, Lori Line, Gene Pitney, Mary Beth Carlson, Gary Puckett, Bobby Vee, The Platters, The Coasters, The Kingston Trio, Clay Crosse, Minneapolis Community College Gospel Choir, Rochester Symphony Orchestra, the Heartland Bluegrass Opry, and a host of other wonderful entertainers. In 2003 the Central Square Board of Directors brought an annual concert series to Glenwood. In the first season 4 concerts were offered and in the 2nd series this was expanded to 5 concerts, with more plans for future concert series to expand even further. Central Square is very proud to bring renowned performances to this wonderful venue, for the enjoyment of West Central Minnesota residents. An annual professional children’s theatre production is offered to schoolchildren, who travel as far as 80 miles, one way, for what is perhaps their only exposure to a professionally produced theatre experience."
    Below are pictures I took during the performance of "Hitch Your Wagon to a Star" by the area Home School students on Friday, February 15th of 2008..


    April 2012
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  • Minnewaska Cabins

  • -Resorts
  • Long Beach Area Resort
  • Shady Rest Resort
  • Welcome to Woodlawn, from

  • Resort & Campground
    *my personal referal-tell them "Sal" says hi!
    Randy, Judie & Scott Crumb
    24050 N Lakeshore Drive
    Glenwood, MN 56334
    320-634-3619 or 800-892-3619
    Camping Resort for Avid Travelers, Vacationers, & Fishermen, from
    -Equipment Rental
    "WOODLAWN RESORT (320) 634-3619
    1/2 mile west
    Fishing Boat & Pontoon Rentals
    Paddle Boat & Kayak Rentals"

    *we payed only $105 (part of the day price-5 hours, which we used it only from 2:30p-7pm) up front and got $12 back for the gas we didn't use that was left in the tank



    Entering T-storm in Pope Cty (June 17th 2011)

  • Violent storm hits area hard Fierce winds uproot trees, down power lines all over area, 8/2/2011 4:26:00 PM

  • "Pope County residents woke up Monday morning to dark skies and high winds and by 7:30 a.m. the skies turned violent with cloud-to-ground lightning, winds in excess of 80 miles per hour and heavy rain.
    In the aftermath, most of Pope County was without power as trees took down power lines all over the area. At one point, it was estimated some 50 lines were down. The entire Glenwood, Starbuck and Lowry communities were without power, as were most of the rural areas in the county. Reports Monday morning stated that more than 3,000 households and businesses were without power in Pope County.
    The winds, suspected of being straight-lined winds, according to police, brought down hundreds of trees in the area, uprooting many 100-year old trees along the Minnewaska lakeshore and in communities.
    Power was restored to a portion of Glenwood at about 11:30 a.m., but most of the community and surrounding areas was still without power at that time. By 3 p.m., there were about 1,100 households and businesses in the area still without power.
    Boats and docks along South Lakeshore Drive suffered severe damage and the road was impassable for most of the day on Monday as workers tried to restore power and remove trees from the roadway. Hundred-year-old oak trees were said to be uprooted in the area near the stone wall on South Lakeshore Drive. There was also extensive tree and property damage in the Halwood Road area.
    While most of the damage in Glenwood was caused by straight-lined winds, a funnel cloud was sighted north of Lowry, according to police reports. Where the UPA-CPA Powerline crosses Highway 55 east of Lowry, a tower on the north side of the highway went down and a power cable was down across Highway 55 and a Canadian Pacific rail line, so no trains or traffic were able to move through that area for more than six hours on Monday.
    Then, just after the power was restored to the homes and businesses along Minnesota Ave. in Glenwood, firefighters were called to an apparent electrical fire
    at a residence at 608 East Minnesota Avenue. Firefigthters from Glenwood, Brooten and Starbuck were on the scene and there was smoke coming out of the back portion of the home. No further details were available at the time this issue of the Tribune went to press.
    Emergency personnel responded to 117 SW 3rd Avenue in Glenwood, when a tree was uprooted and caused a gas line rupture. The tree fell against the home.
    Going to press for the Tribune was also a challenge Monday, with no power in Glenwood and no power Quinco Press in Lowry where the newspaper is printed. John R. Stone, business manager at Quinco Press, arranged to have all Monday publications printed at Sauk Centre. The newspaper was delayed, however, because with no power in Glenwood, the Tribune staff was unable to digitally send the news pages to the Press. "

    Afternoon Storms Douse Twin Cities:

  • Power is Still Out and Roads are Closed in Parts of Pope County , Search Updated: 08/03/2011 12:54 PM By: Emily Reppert

  • "POPE COUNTY, Minn. (KSAX) – Severe storms hit Pope County Monday morning, uprooting trees and knocking down power lines. Cleanup is underway, but roads are still closed and homes and businesses are without power.
    In Glenwood, hundreds of homes are still without power and a few roads around Lake Minneswaska are closed until all the tree debris and fallen power lines can be cleared.
    Carl Sudbrink from Glenwood said he is suffering. He has health problems and is losing sleep with electricity.
    "I have to have air conditioning; I have to have a mask to wear to make me breath at night when I sleep, because I’ll stop breathing", Sudbrink said, "So I’ve been up since 6:30 yesterday morning and I’m still up".
    Highway 55 in Lowry is still shut down and most of the town is also without electricity.
    Pat Otremba worries it could be four to five days before her power is restored. In the meantime, she is running a generator and trying not to let it get her down.
    "We can keep that running and keep our freezers and our food cold you know, we're fine", Otremba said.
    And some neighbors decided to take an alternative route.
    "People have just moved in with their friends or relatives or went to a motel", Otremba said.
    Excel Energy has been working to restore power to properties in Pope County and said the majority of it should be back on Tuesday night.
    While the lack of power has been an inconvenience, many, like Carla Lundblad from Lowry, are just thankful no one was hurt during the storm and look forward to things getting back to normal.
    "It will be nice when the generators and chainsaws aren't running and we can go back to the birds and the kids", Lundblad said.
    If you're looking to help with the cleanup call: (320) 634-2025, and if you in need of assistance call (320) 634-2017.
    THe Minnesota Department of Transportation said Minnesota State Patrol said Highway 55 will remain closed for up to two days to allow cres to restore the damaged power lines.
    For updated information on the road reopening, call 511 or visit
    Written for the web by Emily Reppert"


    Minnewaska Youth For Christ ,
    "... has been serving the youth of the area since 2004. Directors Jon and Hope Jordahl are committed to seeing lives changed by the power of Jesus Christ. ..

    See our photo gallery !

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